Troy MacIver
Ty Treadway
Ty Treadway as Troy MacIver
One Life to Live
Portrayed by: Ty Treadway
Duration: 2001-2003, 2003-2004 & 2012
First appearance: August 8, 2001
Last appearance: January 9, 2012
Cause/reason: Went to prison
Created by: Lorraine Broderick
Christopher Whitesell
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Residence: Statesville Prison
Parents: Unknown man
(father, deceased)
Unknown woman
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Carol MacIver
Colin MacIver
(brother; twin, deceased)
Marital status: Single
Romances: Lindsay Farrell
(one night stand)
Nora Hanen

Dr. Troy MacIver was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Ty Treadway (08/2001-08/2003, 12/2003-01/2004 & 01/2012)

Character History:Edit