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As The World Turns 2009 logo

As the World Turns - Title Logo (2008-2010)

As the World Turns (ATWT) is a CBS soap opera set in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois.

Show Information:Edit

  • Debut: April 2, 1956
  • Ended: September 17, 2010
  • Production company: TeleNext Media, Inc. for Procter & Gamble Productions Inc.
  • Producing team:' Christopher Goutman (Executive Producer), Carole Shure, Vivian Gundaker, Jennifer Maloney & Jennifer Schacor
  • Directing team: Habib Azar, Jennifer Pepperman, Maria Wagner, Sonia Blangiardo, Michael Eilbaum, John O'Connell & Christopher Goutman
  • Writing team: Jean Passanante (Head Writer), Leah Laiman (Co-Head Writer), Lisa Connor, Cheryl Davis (playwright), Peter Brash, Susan Dansby, Courtney Simon, Richard Culliton, Lisa Kohn & David A. Levinson
  • Director of Production Services: Eve Luzzi

Final Cast (as of September 2010):Edit


Actor: Character: Duration:
Noelle Beck Lily Walsh 2008-2010
Terri Conn Kathryn "Katie" Peretti 1998-2010
Daniel Cosgrove Christopher "Chris" Hughes II 2010
Trent Dawson Henry Coleman 1999-2010
Ellen Dolan Margo Montgomery 1989-1993 & 1994-2010
Eileen Fulton Lisa Miller 1960-1965, 1966-1983 & 1984-2010
Van Hansis Luciano "Luke" Snyder 2005-2010
Don Hastings Robert "Bob" Hughes 1960-2010
Kathryn Hays Kimberly "Kim" Sullivan 1972-2010
Jon Hensley Holden Snyder 1986-1989, 1989-1995 & 1997-2010
Scott Holmes Thomas "Tom" Hughes 1987-2010
Roger Howarth Paul Ryan 2003-2010
Elizabeth Hubbard Lucinda Walsh 1984-1999 & 1999-2010
Jon Lindstrom Craig Montgomery 2008-2010
Billy Magusson Casey Hughes 2008-2010
Grayson McCouch Dustin "Dusty" Donovan 2003-2008 & 2008-2010
Kelley Menighan Hensley Emily Stewart 1992-2010
Michael Park Jack Snyder 1997-2010
Marnie Schulenburg Alison Stewart 2007-2010
Maura West Carly Tenney 1995-1996 & 1997-2010
Marie Wilson Margaret "Meg" Snyder 2004-2010
Colleen Zenk Barbara Ryan 1978-2010


Actor: Character: Duration:
Valentina de Angelis Faith Snyder 2010
Jason Bastelli Ethan Snyder 2009-2010
Larry Bryggman John Dixon Sr. 1969-2004 & 2010
Ewa Da Cruz Vienna Hyatt 2006-2010
Allie Gorenc Sage Snyder 2006-2010
Bailey Harkins John "Johnny" Montgomery 2008-2010
Mick Hasen Parker Snyder 2006-2010
Alexa Kaplan Hallie Munson 2010
Lesli Kay Molly Peterson 1997-2004 & 2009-2010
Jennifer Landon Gwen Norbeck 2005-2008 & 2010
Ben Levin Gabriel Carras 2010
Marie Masters Susan Burke 1968-1979 & 1986-2010
Cady McClain Rosanna Cabot 2002-2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010)
Isabella Palmieri Natalie Snyder 2009-2010
Julie Pinson Janet Ciccone 2008-2010
Vanessa Ray Theresa "Teri" Ciccone 2009-2010
Jesse Soffer William "Will" Munson 2004-2008 & 2010
Eric Sheffer Stevens Reid Oliver 2010
Jake Silbermann Noah Mayer 2007-2010
Kathleen Widdoes Emma Snyder 1985-2010
Sarah Wilson Liberty Ciccone 2010
Unknown actors Lorenzo Donovan 2010
Unknown actresses Eliza Ryan 2008-2010
Unknown actors Jacob Snyder 2009-2010

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