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Another World Logo (1996)

Another World (AW) is as NBC soap opera set in the fictional town of Bay City, Illinois.

Show Information:Edit

  • Debut: May 4, 1964
  • Ended: June 25, 1999
  • Headwriter(s): Leah Laiman & Jean Passanante
  • Executive Producer(s): Charlotte Savitz & Christopher Goutman

Final Cast (as of June 1999):Edit


Actor: Character: Duration:
Joseph Barbara Joseph "Joe" Carlino 1995-1999
Jensen Buchanan Victoria "Vicky" Hudson 1991-1999
Matt Crane Matthew Cory 1988-1997 & 1998-1999
Linda Dano Felicia Gallant 1982-1999
Tom Eplin Jacob "Jake" McKinnon 1985-1986, 1988-1995 & 1995-1999
Judi Evans Paulina Cory 1991-1999
Sandra Ferguson Amanda Cory 1987-1993 & 1998-1999
Charles Keating Carl Hutchins 1983-1986, 1991, 1992, 1993-1998 & 1999
John Littlefield Gary Sinclair Sr. 1998-1999
Mark Mortimer Nicholas "Nick" Hudson 1996-1999
Lisa Peluso Lila Hart 1997-1999
Mark Pinter Grant Harrison 1991-1999
Kim Rhodes Cynitha "Cindy" Brooke 1996-1999
Michael Rodrick Cameron Sinclair 1998-1999
Rhonda Ross Kendrick Antoinette "Toni" Burrell 1997-1999
Stephen Schnetzer Cass Winthrop 1982-1986 & 1987-1999
Henry Simmons Tyrone Montgomery 1997-1999
Nadine Stenovitche Josie Watts 1998-1999
Anna Stuart Donna Love 1983-1986 & 1989-1999
Ellen Wheeler Marley Hudson 1984-1986 & 1998-1999
Victoria Wyndham Rachel Davis 1972-1999


Actor: Character: Duration:
Brittany Finamore Charlotte "Charlie" Winthrop 1999
Alexandria & Jacqueline & Syndney Lademan Jasmine Cory 1998-1999
Austin Luciano Dante Carlino 1997-1999
Sean Rademaker Kirkland Harrison 1996-1999
Taylor Stanley Remy Woods 1998-1999

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